He Ain’t No Armstrong

May 31, 2008

George had to go into Manhattan yesterday afternoon, and I figured I’d tag along- I was kinda bored and the weather was nearly perfect. As we’re waiting for the light on the corner of 5th and 23rd, a really loud group of people with camcorders and on bikes stops on red. And in the middle of the group-Al Sharpton himself, in a black suit and tie, on a bike, screaming “This is the real New York!!!”, like only he can, along with the rest of the group. By the time I realized what was going on and managed to get my phone out of my pocket, the light turned green, he made a left, everyone else followed, cutting off oncoming traffic, and went down 5th, still screaming. I have no idea what they were protesting.

Damn. I wanted a picture. Then again, the footage is probably on YouTube by now.


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