September 25, 2007

I made veggie chili tonight. Mmmm, divine. Getting ready for fall.

I really wanna go to Vermont to look at the leaves. Road trip!



September 24, 2007

My hotmail inbox is a perpetual mess-funny spam and jokes of the day, emails from friends and my mom, password change notifications, bills, and folders for every major or not so major relationship, whether it be romantic or not, that I have had since 1997, when I first got the account. Yeah, I’m very sentimental. I’m not sure if the clutter finally got to me ’cause I still had plenty of space, but I just finished deleting pretty much EVERYTHING. I started slow, but then just kept checking the “Delete” box, finally eliminating more than half the folders I had made up. I feel oddly liberated.

And a little nervous. Does this mean that some of those people don’t mean as much to me anymore? Does the fact that I’ve deleted love letters from 1998 mean that I don’t love his ass anymore? Does is negate the fact that it happened? Is it symptomatic of how much my attitude toward relationships has changed? Basically, have I become a heartless bitch?

Then again, the fact that I deleted everything from my inbox doesn’t mean I don’t have it all stored in my head. I almost never re-read those letters, anyway. The few times I did, I was reduced to tears. So what’s the point of keeping them?


September 21, 2007

I went to the dealership (aka Old Job) today to get an oil change. What did I find out? Since I’ve left, they’ve hired 4 people, all of whom have walked out within a week. What did everyone ask? “So, when are you coming back?”. Um, I’m not, unless you wanna triple my salary and let me wear jeans and flip flops to work. Mk?

Speaking of jobs, I have returned to my first love-research. Stress is minimal. People are pleasant. Work is fun.

Life is good.

New York Minute

September 11, 2007

What the head makes cloudy the heart makes very clear

The days were so much brighter at the times when she was here

I know there’s somebody somewhere to make these dark clouds disappear

But until that day I have to believe

I believe, I believe…..

                                                                                 Don Henley