Life, Health, and Expectations

July 14, 2007

I have been taking a life and health insurance class for the past week because I need to get licensed-I am going to need that for my brand new job. The class is a week long, and needs to be passed before taking the State Board Exam. In a class of 52 people 15 have been hired by the company that I will be working for. Out of those 15 people taking the class exam today I was the only one who passed. I studied for all of one hour last night (on a train ride into NYC) and paid attention in class. I got the third highest score.

OK, I know I am not a rocket scientist. I actually think of myself as pretty average. And life insurance is hardly rocket science. So what the hell is going on? People were actually buring midnight oil studying-or so they say. One of these people was taking the class for the second time, and he still failed. How do these people function in the real world? Why is it even possible?

I live in a country where A black Marine game show contestant does not know the location of the Sahara Desert. A first-generation Greek cannot find Bulgaria on a map. 60 % of the population does not graduate high school. 22 million people believe that John Edward really talks to dead people. The President’s reading ability is below The NY Times level, and his SAT score was lower than the average Rutgers freshman’s.

I am hardly a beatiful, unique snowflake. I am of average inteligence, talent, and ability. So why is it that people choose to stay undeveloped? Why is so little expected of them? Mediocrity seems to be expected and encouraged. It’s depressing. My faith in humanity is DOA.

OK, I’ll climb off the soapbox now.  Ranting is tiring. I have to take the State test tomorrow. Lets hope I’m in a better mood.


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