No More Drama

July 7, 2007

Why are women so bad at parking? Because men have always told them that 5 inches is yay big…. Jokes and the fact that I am actually awesome at parallel parking aside, I had a chance to experience how long 5 inches really is. And I loved it.


I wanted to go even shorter, but the girl who cuts my hair happens to be a good friend and talked me out of it-at least for the time being. She knows how impulsive I am when it comes to things like this. Instead, she lured me with a single friend of her husband’s. I told her fine, but warned her I will be back next month. For a shorter haircut, that is.


4 Responses to “No More Drama”

  1. Lemon said

    mmmm, hubava 🙂
    niama da hodish drugia mesec puk! iasno?

  2. Sofia said

    radvam se che ti haresva! za sajalenie ne moga da dubliram izduhvaneto (na kosata imam predvid) tolkova dobre, no vse pak izglejda kato za pred hora…. a za drugia mesec she vidim…

  3. Tina said

    Yeah!! I love it 🙂 We have to get together soon…let me know if you want to get together in NB or even head into Philly some evening. Congrats on the job thing too – it was about time!

  4. Sofia said

    spanx, tina… i’ve been occupied with crap-i promise i will call as soon as the madness is over.

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