Good Hair Day

June 27, 2007

I want to cut my hair. Short. Halle Berry short. Yes or no? I realize I’m not as nearly as attractive as she is. I’m just tired of blowdrying, washing, thinking about it. My sister loves it.

Perhaps I would save the occasion for a future bad breakup…. Then at least it will look legit.


About Hotels and Porn

June 27, 2007

My sister and I were in Philly last weekend. We’re waiting in line to check out of the hotel, and witness the following conversation between the girl at the front desk and an urban cowboy disputing the charges on the room:

UC (loud and anoyed): I don’t understand. I had a special rate, so why am I paying twice as much?

FDG (as quietly as posible): The total includes last night’s room service, and that movie you ordered….

UC: Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. Well, thanks, take care….

…and that was that. He ran off before the girl had an opportunity to be polite to him. I plan on using this tactic myself from now on. Why, oh, why would you be rude to the poor girl, knowing full well she can embarrass the hell out of you?

Moon and Bourbon

June 8, 2007

I saw  A Moon for the Misbegotten last night. Kevin Spacey was really fuckin great, but Eve Best blew me away. The production was so good it was practically uncomfortable to watch. The last thing I saw that affected me so strongly was Neo Ned at Tribeca two years ago.

Thanks to George for the tickets. And the dinner afterwards, of course.

Move Along

June 7, 2007

I’ve had no motivation to write here lately. Lots to say, but it just doesn’t want to seem to come out. A lot of decision making, not the fun kind, unfortunately. As if overnight everything around me fell apart, possessed by some bizarre domino effect. And I’m the only thing left standing in the middle, barely holding on, surrounded by rubble, whipped by the sudden wind in pathetic attempts to protect myself.  Where the fuck did this all come from? Nothing I could have done either way. Life is proving a point-some things I have no control over. Was I too comfortable with everything?

Perhaps this is an opportunity to get back on track. A hint that I did not belong where I was headed. End of detour. Get your shit together, Sofia.

In reality it’s not as drastic as it seems. This is just me, dealing with things. People around me think I cry to manipulate the situation. The truth is I was never good at holding anything in. It’s just that when you’re happy, people don’t notice as much because it doesn’t make them uncomfortable. It’s easier to deal with a happy situation. And there is nothing happy about this one.  Not that I really need to have a reason to be an emotional mess.