My Way

May 25, 2007

I am so fuckin fed up with my job, I don’t even have the patience to complain anymore. I have never seen such huge egos running rampant. I feel caught in the midst of a buffalo stampede, and let me tell you, it ain’t fun. The only good thing that is going to come out of this is me propelling myself out of that office as if escaping hell itself. Wish me luck.


Lil Bow Wow

May 21, 2007

My sister and I went to a Humane Society shelter yesterday. Honestly, it was one of the most depressing places I have ever been to. Rows and rows of cute doggies. You want to take them all home. We will probably end up with this one, though. If we do decide to get one. He’s just like Missy, only bigger-about 130 lbs. But really, really sweet.

If any of you ever want a pet, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not go buy one. It’s unnecessary. Go to a local shelter. Chances are, they will have someone you will fall madly in love with, and they’ll be house broken for you already. You save a life. You do good. And they will love you for it.

Mmmm…. Beer…..

May 10, 2007

I got a B on the bio final, and that is making me feel all kinds of wonderful. Superficial? Yes. I believe grades are bullshit, and not quite an accurate representation of how much of the material you really know. Until a better idea is presented, however, the B stands. And I really wish I was at one of those super-liberal colleges with no attendance, GPA, or curriculum requirements. But then I wouldn’t have a B in bio.

Had a beer after dinner. Slightly buzzed. Too bad I have to work tomorrow.

Don’t you just love it when your friends set you up to get hit on by a 22-year-old frat boy, and they can get away with it because you’re single? He is going to get mauled like a wild animal…. And he knows it.

Going to bed before the buzz wears off.

End of the Road

May 7, 2007

…. well, end of the semester, actually. I had my last final on friday afternoon. And now I wait. I have to figure out how next semester is going down, with tuition, work, and the rest of it. I have to register for fall classes within the next few days, and it looks like I might be done in another 3 semesters. Very exciting.

Going the Philly to see the King Tut exhibit this weekend. Anyone?