Damn Straight!

April 27, 2007


I am so relieved. And happy. Happy, happy, happy! Dude, I rock!



April 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, ma!!! No surprise party for you this year, unless the relatives organized one…. They can’t do it like we can, anyway. I tried a surprise phone call, but the phone is still disconnected. Maybe later.

so, честит рожден ден!!!!

1 am

April 26, 2007

Isn’t it odd how loneliness itself can be so tangible, felt almost like a physical presence? It’s myself I’m feeling, I guess. Usually I don’t mind, I actually enjoy being alone. Makes for some interesting conversation…. 😉 But damn, sometimes I just need to fall asleep with someone. To take that weight off my chest. Why is being a pack animal frowned upon? We all strive to be independent. Counting on other people is not a good thing. Why not? Who do you share the good times with, then? Isn’t that the point? A friend of mine used to say “We’ll all be better off as soon as we all realize we need one another”. It’s one of those times when you just know he was right. Despite the too many we’s and all’s crammed in one sentence.

I need to stop refreshing my inbox and go to bed. Alone.

Live To Tell

April 23, 2007

I actually survived the week. I took the test on friday morning. I’m not sure how well I did, and frankly I really don’t care right now. I’m just glad it’s over.

I went to a shooting range today. I realize that considering recent events this might not have been such a good idea, but at this point I hardly give a shit. Not to mention that the friend who took me there is Asian… I actually had a lot of fun. I shot a 22, a 17, and a 40.  The 9mm recoils too much, but the 22 was really smooth. My friend also shot a handgun, but I was too scared of that. I saw how his shoulder moved back after each shot, and he is significantly bigger that I am. A kick like that would probably dislocate my shoulder.

The weather was perfect, too. Summer is coming. I want a puppy.

Week In Review

April 19, 2007

Wednesday-I had my brakes fixed. Baldhead took a look at them for me after work, did some basic cleaning and adjusted the emergency break.

Thursday-I had promised a friend of mine at American Eagle that I would help with the overnights on friday and saturday. Went to the mall to fill out paperwork. Did what I had to, went back to my car. Could not back out of my spot because the rear brakes were locked. Had to wait for Frank to get out of work at 9pm, come to the mall, and fix my brakes in the parking lot. Him-in a suit, trying to pry the rear disc off the wheel. Me-in sweats, Chuck Taylors, and his bright purple tie around my neck, jumping on the tire. “This is why everyone thinks we’re sleeping together, Sofia…” You think I don’t know that?

Friday-the store is hot, so I go barefoot. As I’m lugging a huge pile of clothes to the front, I step on a sensor pin. All of it goes into the heel of my foot. I can’t stop the bleeding for awhile, so I just sit in the bathroom holding a wet paper towel to the chasm in my heel.

Saturday-We leave the store at 7am. I sleep all day, and head back to the store for round 2 at around 7pm. I get out at 2am, and it’s pouring cats and dogs outside.

Sunday-I wake up to water in the basement. The sump pump gave out. It’s raining. A lot. We go to Home Depot, buy a new pump, install in, scoop water out of the basement, clean up. The drain in front of the basement door backs up and creates a little pond. We install another sump pump outside. By that time the river is creeping through half of our back yard. We’re all pooped and soaked. We go to bed in denial.

Monday-I wake up at 5am to see the water about 4 feet away from the basement door. It’s still pouring. The sump pump can’t keep up. Slight panic ensues followed by quick evacuation of pretty much everything out of the basement- a couch, love seat, TV, 4 bookshelves, a ton of crap. Water is coming out of the foundation. That’s about the time that the river came to the basement door. Just as we are looking for more stuff to salvage, the two sump pumps in the basement go dead. Water rises to about a foot in a hot minute. We flee in fear of electrocution. My sister calls a friend, a plumber, who comes as quickly as possible with a new pump. It turns out the fuse blew, but we can’t go into the basement, so we just switch the outlet. Meanwhile they close the road, and the Fire Department comes to tell us we are next on the list of Mandatory Evacuation. So we wait. My dad stops by after work, and decides we are going to build a levy around the basement door to stop the water. My mom and I fill about 100 plastic bags with dirt, and my dad and sister arrange them around the door along with fire wood. My brother-in-law lugs crap around. The levy works. It looks like a little Hoover Dam in the back yard. By the end of the night there is no more water in the basement. We are completely pooped and soaked. There is no heat or hot water in the house.

Tuesday-I am emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. I haven’t slept since thursday night, technically, so I call out of work again. I sleep and try to prepare for one of my Bio finals, which is tomorrow. I have a nervous breakdown by the end of the night, because I am completely trashed.

Wednesday-I go to work, where my desk is covered by piles of crap, waiting just for me. I hound my deen, and the Bio department, and by 2pm manage to get an extension. I go home, sleep, and study most of the day.

So this is my study break. The make-up exam is friday morning. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a crappy week. People at work are upset, but I don’t really give a shit. The house looks like a refugee camp. It’s filthy, the living room is piled with boxes, the love seat from downstairs, the TV, the bookshelves are in the kitchen… We’ve been doing laundry nonstop. I am so beyond stressed, I am apathetic. I just want to pass. And live ’till the weekend. I promise I will be happy.

The Funky Sandwiches

April 12, 2007

The fact that Don Imus should not be on-air is besides the point. The guy is a handjob. Who in his right mind would say something like that on-air? New Brunswick today was a mess because there were demonstrations on all 4 campuses. Traffic was a disaster. I was running late for class, finally found parking. As I’m waiting at a light to cross the street partially blocked by news trucks, NB Police, Rutgers Police, an ambulance (???), and all the people that come along with all that jazz, I am approached by a dude with a HUGE camera (oh, I wanted to pet it so bad…), who asks me:

“Excuse me, which direction are the Rutgers Funky Sandwiches in?”

Ok, so it took me awhile to get what he was talking about. I had Bio on my mind and everything else was slow burn. New Brunswick Rutgers Campus is famous for the Grease Trucks, where you get these enormous sandwiches, they are called Fat Cats, and each of them should come with a Lipitor power-pack. Fat Cats are famous for preventing hangovers (I have used this cure myself back in the day), and are unfairly delicious. The only exception I will make when it comes to junk fast food. How could you say no to chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and fries drenched in marinara sauce? Or felafel with humus, tahini, fries, lettuce and tomato? I can’t.

So that’s what Camera Man was asking about. It took something like Don Imus to bring this poor soul to the land of the Funky Sandwiches. After I gave the guy directions I realized that I was surrounded by quite a few intently listening crew members, all of which headed toward several different news trucks as soon as they knew where to go. As they all drove off into the downtown sunset (it was more like mid-afternoon), I realized that I had done my good deed for the day. I showed the way to the Fat Cats.

I’ll Be Watching You

April 9, 2007

I saw “The Lives of Others” last night. Scary. Brutal at times. Something that could have, and probably did, easily happen in Bulgaria back then. Cool ending, too. I creid. I like foreign flicks because the actors always look human. Had this been a Hollywood movie, it would have been with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Anyway, good movie. Easy to relate to-especially if you’re Eastern European.

Forgot To Tell You…

April 5, 2007

… about how freaking funny David Sedaris is. A few quotes (not direct, obviously):

“I was doing a show at the local college in Allentown, PA, and had dinner with a friend of mine and some of his friends afterwards. One of them was doing a doctorate in theology and mentioned that during the 16th century the Catholic Church canonized a dog. To which my friend replied-“Would that be St. Bernard?”

“My sister Amy and I are riding the subway in Chicago. As she gets off at her stop, which is several before mine, she turns around and yells “Good luck with that rape charge!” I just smile nervously and murmur something about how funny my sister is as everyone shoots me dirty looks. I ride alone in the car for the remainder of the trip.”

” I was hoping that the warm Mediterranean water would melt the icicle my sister Lisa had mistaken for a rectal thermometer.”

There is so much more….. Pick up “Naked” or “Me Talk Pretty One Day”. Both are hilarious, and really easy to read.

BTW, Allentown, PA, is awful. How many places do you know of where the high security state prison is downtown?

Why, oh, why?

April 5, 2007

Something I saw in my search engine terms stats today-“how to be a car salesman”. Good lord, as if we need any more of those…. Dude, whoever you are-please do not go into that. Chances are, if you are googling it, you aren’t cut for it anyway. Go do something else. Anything else.

Happily Ever After

April 1, 2007

My friend Tina got the Evil Stepsister part in a local production of Cinderella. She has always been into acting and music theater, and is actually really good. Her boyfriend of six years, Steve, has always been a tad bit on the balsy and incoventional side, but this time he outdid himself.


He had spoken to the director of the play, who let him come on stage at curtain call. Steve proposed to Tina-in front of the whole audience. Her mom and stepdad were secretly flown in from Seatle last night, and were able to witness it. Most of their friends were there, too. Steve had prepped us all, and made sure we were there. I took some footage of the event, but my hands were shaking so bad(they still are, actually) I’m not sure it will be fit for viewing. I wish them all the best.

P.S. I just love the stupid costume…. It was really quite appropriate that the Evil Stepsister got proposed to by her Wonderful Prince…. So corny, it wasn’t. The reaction of the audience made it even better.

And yes, Tina was awesome. As always.