To Do or Not To Do

March 22, 2007

Some random thought put into your head by a not-so-random friend. It festers all week, makes you sore, and a little giddy. Ah, conflict. So you muster the courage to do something you’ve been contemplating for a very, very long time (two years, if you’re wondering). The friend knows you, you see, the words seem deliberate. They hit the spot, right where they are supposed to. I wonder if it was intentional, planned, or a spur of the moment thing.

As with everything else, my action was impulsive. The (possible) outcome is next week. I’m not sure what I’m hoping for, or maybe I just don’t want to admit to myself that I am hoping for something. “Friend” is responsible for a lot more than he realizes right now, and I’m dragging his ass along for the ride. He should have known it is Pandora’s Box he opened.

Why am I so fickle-minded?


Red, Red Wine

March 16, 2007

A bottle of Chianti (a name I always associate with Hannibal Lecter), toast, goat cheese, olives, and apples with honey-dinner with the girls. My mom and my sister, that is. We polished off 3/4 of a bottle in front of the fireplace (it’s getting cold again) while my dad was table-sawing some shelves in the garage, alcoholics that we are. BTW, I am the only girl in the family who can hold her liquor somewhat. Ah, the good life Gwen Stefani sings about can’t compare….

Spring Forward

March 14, 2007

Spring break. Warm weather-finally. Longer days. I began running again, visits to the gym are sure to follow. I have a nasty ear infection (for the first time ever) that just won’t go away. Going to see David Sedaris in a few weeks, I can’t wait. Why are all the cool, smart ones gay?

It seems that everyone around me is on a mission to find me a man. Several people at work appear to be corraborating behind my back to lure me out of the Singles Kingdom. They actually made one of the customers ask me out. Silly them, it didn’t work. Why is it that coupled people always think of their one single friend as a pet project? I HATE DATING!!! Dating is bullshit. It’s like strategic nuclear warfare-you just can’t win. Leave me alone. Don’t set me up with the cable guy just because he’s single. “But you two have so much in common…” Yeah, we are both single and we drive Hondas. That’s it. His isn’t even a stick….

That’s my little rant for the night. I just hate the pressure, that’s all. The notion that something is wrong with you because you are not attached to someone.

You Better Shop Around

March 6, 2007

Car salesmen are a ruthless bunch. Being that the whole system is kinda fucked up,  and the better they lie to you, the better they get paid, it is up to you as a customer to educate yourself before you wander into a dealership all dreamy-eyed. I’ve seen it many times, especially with girls-they think that if they flirt with the twenty-year-old salesman, they will get a good deal. Girl, he is commission-driven, do you think he gives a shit? He’s a salesman, for crying out loud. He just cleaved your ass, and he got your number, maybe even a little more. I worked with a kid once who used to tell his “I was in a coma after my roommate crashed my car on the way home from the bar” story, and I must say, it worked most of the time. Too bad he got out of the coma, if you ask me. But that’s another story. So, my tips:

1. Always do homework online. There are many resources out there. Educate yourself. Learn about invoice, sticker, holdback, market value, destination, inception fees, money factor, because they will throw all those words at you, making it sound like you’re getting a good deal. Edmunds is a good start.

2. Request quotes online. Nowadays dealers will contact you with a price as long as you give them an email address. Read the fine print, it will tell you what’s really going on-if a price is too good to be true, it most likely is. Dealers tack on fees on top of the price. Make sure everything is included. Ask for an “out-the-door” price. Then they can’t wiggle.

3. Don’t ask a dealer to commit to a price if you are not ready to buy. Keep in mind lease and finance programs change every month, so dealers may not be able to match a price they gave you last time.

4. Know what you want. New or used? Lease or finance? Cash? What can you afford? Be flexible with colors and features. If the car is in stock you’ll get a better deal.

5. Don’t compare cars in different classes. “Why does the Accord EX cost so much more than the Jetta?” is not a legit question and will most likely get you thrown out of the dealership (in a really polite way, of course).

6. The National Program that is advertised is not always the best deal. Again, read the fine print. Check forums to see what kind of deals other people worked out. And keep in mind that some of them will lie. Again, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

7. APR, prices on service contracts and other after-market services are also negotiable. Check banks for finance rates. If your credit sucks, though, you will not be able to bargain. Be happy you got approved.

8. Don’t go alone, especially if you are female. It’s sad, and it sucks, but it is a shauvinist business. Go with a man. You will be taken seriously. They will not see you as prey, and dealing with everyone will be a much easier experience. Even if he never opens his mouth.

9. Many dealers will service a car only if you bought it from them. Loaners are strictly reserved for people who bought the car at that dealership. Don’t fight over 5 bucks if it means schlepping for 60 miles to get an oil change. Not worth it.

10. Be nice. I cannot stress this enough. Most people who come to our dealership are so freakin rude, we all know who the nice ones are, and bend over backwards for them. You will be remembered, seriously. Bringing a dozen donuts to your service advisor will get you prompt service, last-minute favors, and discounts. Saying Hi to your sales person when you come in for whatever and sending some business his way will get you some freebies and a better deal on your next car.

I hope this helps. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to drop me a line. I will gladly help you out. Drive on!!!

And So It Is….

March 1, 2007

George and I are talking a few weeks ago, and I’m telling him to watch The Illusionist. “It’s a good movie. I think you might get a kick out of it. It’s a love story, but it’s done really well. As non-corny as a love story can be, I guess. A Sofia love story, of sorts.” To which George replies “Oh, so it’s kinda like Closer, then…?” So, that about sums it up-I am a dysfunctional love story. You can’t say he doesn’t know me well, at least.