All I Want for Christmas….

December 23, 2006

This has got to be one of the funniest things SNL has ever put out…. Instant classic for my generation.


The Heart of the Matter

December 14, 2006


Калин Донков  

На чувствата в отчаяния лов,
Догдето ги преследва и тълкува,
Душата се лекува от любов.
Макар че от любов не се лекува.

И винаги изправена на съд,
Наивно брани слабото си право.
Очаква от любов да й простят.
Макар че от любов не се прощава.

В света от реализъм опростен,
Единствено контрастите избира.
И от любов умира всеки ден.
Макар че от любов не се умира.


December 10, 2006

It is that time of the year again-fake “holiday” trees, bad Christmas music, menorahs galore. Everywhere. I’ve never been too fond of this crap, but after working in the Mall for three years have developed a severe aversion to all of it. Some form of mental alergy. I don’t like the holidays. I have no one to give gifts to, I have no one to get gifts from. At least someone I care for. Therefore I cannot be considered a productive member of society because I’m not contributing to the economy. I hate this shit.

Big company party last night. About 900 people. I don’t uderstand this obsession that most females who work for the place have of showing up half-naked. See-through dresses, low cut dresses, short dresses-wtf? Some of those girls looked like street walkers. Others looked like as if about to give acceptance speeches. It’s a company party in a New Jersey hotel right off the Turnpike, and most guys who work with you allready know your best assets, anyway. No need for that shit. Tone it down a bit.

I did have a lot of fun though, even though I was sick and high on Zicam. I danced my heels off, took lots of pictures (I’ll try to upload some this week), and was one of the last one to leave the dance floor when it was time to go. Went to the sports bar in the hotel afterwards and kicked all the boys’ butts in Air Hockey. All this wthout a date. I am so proud of myself….


December 6, 2006

“Graduation” for the class I’ve been taking was tonight. We had dinner with the Dean of the college and some of the faculty. Well, it turns out I am the smartest one in the class, or at least the instructors seem to think so because I got awarded a scholarship. OK, I have never won anything like this before, and there were 21 people in this class. Why they picked me is beyond my understanding at this point, but if anyone wants to think I’m all that and a bag of chips, they are more than welcome to. I feel fucking awesome! Take that, Acura! Muahahaha!!!

I’m Back

December 2, 2006

For those of you who called to see if I’m still alive-thanks. I love you, too. The past few weeks have been an interesting journey. Holidays, end of semester, re-applying, work, personal shit-all congealed nicely in my head to the point where I could not tell one from the other. Fun times, really. Well, class is over-I passed. Going full-time in January. Which means I need to find another job. I finally have an exuse to leave current HellHole. George is finally filing, he got a lawer and everything. One less thing to think about. Basically, things are kinda going my way. Slightly sideways and winding, but mine, nontheless.

I was on vacay in D.C. for two days. Hotel right on Embassy Row, with a view of the Bulgarian Flag from the 4th story room. Saw Sia at the 9:30 Club. Possibly the coolest concert I have ever been to. Go see her if you get the chance. Had room service at 3am. Wandered around the city. Reconected with a friend I have not seen in awhile, but have this amazing capability to get along with on cue. Had the most amazing, comforting, delicious cake at CakeLove. Better than Magnolia, I must admit. Bought some really cool beads for a pretty necklace. BTW, they had Bulgarian pottery at the bead store. Vases, bowls, that kind of stuff. At 65 bucks a pop. Man, who knew?

We drove back late Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. Most of Maryland was stop-and-go, bumper to bumper city traffic. It turns out all of 95 in Delaware is one lane only. No signs, a day before Thanksgiving. Handjobs. Stopped at a rest stop off of 95 that looked as if was a set for a made for TV child-kidnapping movie. Tho cute chicks asking the truckers for directions at 2am. There were no maps left in the shop. Found an atlas in the trunk-gift from my dad (how could you not love him?), and drove through the rest of Maryland and all of Delaware on some deserted back roads. I am officially a big girl now.

Going to bed. More details later. I promise I won’t dissapear like that again, or at least pick up the phone….