Five Years Later

September 18, 2006

I wanted to write something last Monday, but, honestly, did not know what. So much has been said on the subject, most of it bullshit, that it kinda makes no sense for me to even mention it. Five years later, and we have still not learned anything from what happened. Conspiracy theories, wars, building projects, budgets-it’s all congealed into one big,¬†gaping hole in Downtown Manhattan. It’s a damn shame.


Back To School-Back To Blog

September 18, 2006

Started school-most people in the class are lost souls like me, even though no one had dropped out the middle of their senior year. I was alone on that one. I also had a raging fever and a stuffy nose, and I looked as if I’d gone through one of the most emotional moments in my life. Well, I lived through it. I even finished most of my homework this weekend, which, ironically, is a writing assignment about the pharmaceutical business. Right up my alley. Lets hope it all goes well. Think of me every tuesday and thursday night until Thanksgiving….